Contact & Friends


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Useful links to my working friends.

Neil Barstow - Colour Management Consulting, all your Colour Management needs including colour profiles, equipment and more.

Darren Leader - Graphic Designer.

Andi Sapey - Photographer.

JohnsonDesign - Graphic Design Partnership.

Singular Publishing - Charlie Watson for publishing, editing and creative writing.

Sainsbury Centre - Top Museum to visit on the University of East Anglia's campus in Norwich.

Si Barber - Photographer from West Norfolk, interesting projects.

Freddie Child-Villiers - A South African photographer who has developed a great Kodachrome Profile preset which I'm now using via Adobe Lightroom.

Justin Partyka - Photographer, currently living in France but lots of interesting colour work on rural East Anglia.

Niall McDiarmid - Photographer, publishing some great books, utilizing colour in his work from documentary to portraits.

Richard Heeps - British artist & photographer.