RAF Bentwaters

RAF Bentwaters in Suffolk was vacated by the USAF in 1993 and the family who previously owned the land, the Kimball family bought the main facilities including the runway, hangers, bomb dump and maintenance buildings. It is now a full business called Bentwaters Park. Through watching a film on local TV about the family and the base I contacted them and was given free rain permission to photograph the base buildings etc. It was during the trips that I met the late Magnum photographer Peter Marlow and was interested to photograph with me, on two trips.

The atmosphere was unique driving around what was a few years earlier top secret areas, the bomb dump and the 'Star Wars' building where missions were planned. Also the murals which the air crew painted just as they painted during WW2 around the airbases in Norfolk and Suffolk, eerily left behind as a sign of what was the Cold War era.